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Vaginal dryness is a health issue which may occur to females across all ages, but more popular among those nearing menopause, and occurs when the vaginal walls have inadequate fluids that cause pain and discomfort during sex. Among the indicators of this issue includes pain during intercourse, sore and itchy birth canal, bleeding vagina after sex and mild vaginal discharge. Discussed after this are the roots to this problem.
The most occurring determinant of this issue is the grand climacteric whereby women suffer from low levels of vaginal fluid release and pain during intercourse. Decreased levels of estrogen, which regulate the development of a woman’s body, expectancy behavior and menstrual cycles leads to this problem. One of the methods of solving this issue is through introduction of estrogen through hormone therapy but may lead to cancer as a side effect.
Cancer treatments is another determinant of this issue whereby chemotherapy causes hormonal changes through damaging the ovaries in a way they do not produce the required amount of progesterone and estrogen levels which results to thinner , fragile and elastic vaginal lining. Urogynecologist recommendation would have patients apply astroglide, surgilube or KY jelly as lubricating fluids, which are located at feminine hygiene and birth control sections of pharmacies.
The third cause of vaginal dryness is inadequate sexual arousal, whereby the woman takes more time and feelings to get aroused, either through natural body condition or due to psychological or emotional issues. Urogynecologists say that libido may reduce as a result of the partner having premature ejaculation and poor sexual performance. Emotional connection with the partner and fore-sexual activities may help maintain the libido even when the partner has these conditions. More to this, the infected person needs to take vitamins for vaginal dryness, which include vitamins A and B, which have high levels of Omega 3 necessary in producing more vaginal fluid.
Stress and vaginal dryness are also closely related as stress leads to low libido, which in turn leads to low hormone production hence less lubrication.
Immune system disorders such as sjogren syndrome is another reason behind the problem. To solve this, a doctor can prescribe some drugs available for this condition after examination.
Lastly, smoking tobacco may effect to this issue since it impact the level of blood flow in body tissues in which the vagina is part of. To end this, one should abstain from cigarette smoking and use lubricant while being monitored by the doctor.

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