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Tips to Help You Soften Your Leather Belt A real leather belt will in most cases need some softening up due to its toughness. A belt is typically a pricey fashion accessory and it is important to go the extra mile in offering necessary care. Softening of leather belts can be achieved in a number of ways. Discussed here are easy solutions that will have your belt loosen up without resulting in any damage whatsoever. An assured way of achieving this is rubbing alcohol on the belt. There are many brands of isopropyl alcohol readily available at your local store. Spread out the belt on a surface that is flat so as to rub the rear part using an alcohol wet cotton ball. In order to get a good result, utilize several cotton balls as they will make the alcohol sufficiently soak into the belt. In the same way as alcohol, Vaseline will do as well since it has the ability to turn the hard leather soft. Rather than utilize cotton balls as in the alcohol case, an easier method would be using your fingers to smear on the belt’s surface. In addition to Vaseline turning the leather soft, making it loose comes as an extra bonus.
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Coconut oil is yet another option. Should you opt for this, you are advised to warm the belt. In case using the microwave is what you have in mind, hold your horses for the reason that a 15 minute exposure under the sun is all it takes. Your fingers will be needed once again to help the leather absorb the coconut oil, following the assistance offered by the solar system to achieve the ideal temperature. Carry on with this until the belt is sufficiently oiled. Note that your belt might become darker This should be no cause for alarm if your belt has a dark color, but it’s not the best should you not want your belt becoming darker
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There are many commercial products the market has to offer to assist in softening of leather based items. These products will work on a variety of leather items like purses, shoes, wallets, and belts. In addition to making leather soft, they impart properties that make items waterproof and durable. Belt wearing is part of the litmus tests when it comes to fashion matters. Despite buying a great belt, there are people who find the pressure against the waist by the belt’s hardness a big nuisance. In case you have always wondered of how to stamp out this problem, your search ends here. The aforementioned are ways that will help you out.