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Looking Cool Should Not Be So Hard

Steve McQueen is considered to the be epitome of coolness and badass. He was known for his villain roles but despite of that, men emulate his style while ladies go gaga over him. Today, Steve McQueen is still a huge icon. If you want to copy this icon’s style, never forget to include vintage men’s rolex watches.

How different is McQueen’s iconic style from the prevailing men’s fashion today? Baggy clothes and jeans are usually the go-to fashion items of today’s young male generation despite the fact that it lacks sophistication. That get up is a no-no for a real gentleman. So, besides vintage men’s rolex watches, what else would a man need to look sleek like Steve McQueen.

First of all take note of the basic combination. You will need a blazer topped over a turtleneck. Steve McQueen made this combination so big in the sixties. This simple, yet sophisticated get up is perfect whether it is during cold daytime activities or evening parties. Rock this outfit with sunglasses during the day. Do not forget to wear boots to add more oomph. And remember to accessorize with vintage men’s rolex watches.

Moving on, being tough and rough is does not happen all the time. Therefore, you should also have a good suit for certain occasions. To be like McQueen is to be able to pull of sleek suit as well. You should keep in mind that there are occasions when leather jacket and jeans are inappropriate so it is important for you to be able to piece together a suit and have a little bit of Steve McQueen’s confident. To help you piece a suit together, you will need a grey Prince of Wales check-suit, a shirt in light blue and a matching tie. Wear the suit with a pair of brogues. Top this look off with a choice of vintage men’s rolex watches. Keep your hair clean in this look.

Last, but not the least, Pull off Steven McQueen’s most iconic look. This can be the most challenging because it is hard to find someone who looks cooler than this guy. Canvas shoes, white shirt and jeans is McQueen’s signature look. As simple as it may seem, it is a no-nonsense get up that you wear with a lot of confidence. Keep in mind that the tshirt is not baggy but should fit like a glove instead. Do not forget to wear sunglasses, preferably the Wayfarer kind. Also, keep a denim jacket handy. Nobody looked cooler than Steve McQueen in this laid back style. And never forget that regardless of the outfit, vintage men’s rolex watches fits well.

In short, you need to have those basic items but regardless of which one you wear, you should have confidence at all times.

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