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How To Choose the Best Curling Irons Curling irons are not going away anytime soon. They are widely available in the market and come with greater variety and option than never before. Add bounce, curl or volume to your drooping locks with the help of this great hair device. The only problem is deciding which one is best for you. There is an overabundance of curling tools in the market today specializing in different styles.There is a profusion of curling tools with their own distinctive styles available in the market nowadays. A visit to a retailer can leave you stumped on which one to pick after seeing all the curling irons for sale. Purchasing the wrong one can leave you with a style you don’t like. It doesn’t have to come to that. You deserve the best curling iron for the kind of hair and style you want. Do it correctly and it will become one of your best investments for your looks. Depending on the curl size you desire, you need to consider what barrel to get. Curling irons’ width measures from 3/8 inches to 2 inches, and comes up with different kinds of curls. A smaller width usually means tighter curls while a larger barrel produces looser curls.
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Thin, flat hair is best served with smaller barrels. Your hair will hold its style even if the tight curls start to lose shape in the course of the day. Using large barrels on this hair type will produce loose curls that won’t last long. Larger barrels are best for thick hair that easily retains shape and preserves looser curl longer.
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After checking the barrel, move on to the curling iron’s heat settings. Heat settings differ the same way hair types vary. Thin hair needs lower temperature to escape damage while thick hair can withstand higher heat. High temperatures are also required for curling a bigger volume of hair at the same time. You can find a lot of curling irons with adjustable heat settings. Look for this feature so you will only need one curling iron for all variety of temperature and hair. Heat settings that can reach four hundred degrees and up are of no need to you. Temperatures that high are for professionals and stylists. You will only need temperatures of three hundred to three hundred forty degrees when styling your own hair. Stay at the one hundred seventy-five degree range if you have fine, thin hair. You’ll want to know what material the curling iron is made of. Ceramic and Tourmaline curling irons are safe for heavy use. Titanium barrels are good for unmanageable hair. Metal steam barrels are appropriate for fine hair that won’t hold curl. The released steam puts back the moisture removed by the metal to make the hair hold curl.